Why You Need To Attend the NAED Women In Industry Bootcamp

Why You Need To Attend the NAED Women In Industry Bootcamp

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

Like many of you, I received an e-mail yesterday that the Women In Industry Bootcamp is happening on Thursday, November 5 in Tinley Park, Illinois (just south of downtown Chicago). Panduit has agreed to hold the event at their location.

I have always heard great things about the Women In Industry events. I have checked out the photos on the NAED social media pages. And I have listened to the stories from past attendees about how much they get out of the meetings. But I am not going to sell you on why you should attend based on that. Truth be told, I have never attended a Women In Industry Bootcamp or Annual Forum. The reason should be fairly obvious. So, I will let the attendees explain what happens and why you should be at the Panduit facility in Tinley Park on November 5.

“Attendees get a great opportunity to network with many talented women in our industry at all different levels. I’ve made friends, business connections, learned new things and had a blast,” Eva Jelezova, Global Product Manager of Littlefuse, Inc. told me. “The personal connections that I was able to establish with customers and peers in our industry is invaluable. I am able to pick up the phone or send an email if I need anything or to help others, because of the WII forum and the connections I’ve made there.”

“For anyone in any department, they will gain a great understanding of the electrical industry and how manufacturers, distributors and reps work together to deliver the product to our mutual end-customer,” said Kathy Jo Van, Senior Vice President, Southwire Company. “I am sending my assistant who does much more than a normal admin. She is the focal point of support for our sales team and will gain valuable insight into the real world through this one-day conference. In addition, I have built great friendships in the industry that I continue to network with throughout the year for best practices, how to solve problems, and the overall improving of my network of smart, talented people with industry-relevant experience.”

“As a millennial, it was great to see there are powerful woman in powerful roles making decisions in the electrical industry. It was empowering and inspiring to know that I could be in that same place in my future,” Jenice Bastin, Marketing Communications Manager, NSi Industries told tED magazine. “I was sheltered from networking and meeting others in the industry. To have the opportunity to meet and network with women was mind blowing. I now have the option to be mentored by several women and have their experience to reference as I progress in the industry. LOVE IT.”

“Upon attending my first NAED WII event, I was brand new to the world of electrical distribution,” Breeze Gunderson, Business Optimization Specialist, Distributor Wire & Cable. “Through this powerful network of professionals, my breadth of industry knowledge increased, empowering me to be a more well-rounded contributor in my organization.”

You can’t take my word for it that the Women In Industry Bootcamp is more than just a one-day event that will leave you without a lasting impression.  Because I am not allowed to attend. But you can take it from past attendees that you will get industry knowledge, long term mentoring and long-lasting relationships.

The event features Maureen Barsema, Vice-President, Business Administration at Revere Electric Supply and former NAED Chairwoman, who will speak to the attendees about her “Three Hard Truths” and how you can effectively communicate in this industry using the “Rule of Threes”.

Also at the Women In Industry Bootcamp, Desiree Grace, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ANAMET Electrical Inc., will be speaking on best practices when it comes to negotiations for your career.

And Amanda Witham, Financial Operations Manager at Crescent Electric Supply, will lead a discussion on how a distributor makes money so you will know the corporate landscape of this industry.

The early bird to sign up for the Women In Industry Bootcamp ends on October 15. But why wait when you can click this link and sign up today? Based on the reactions from past attendees, you won’t be disappointed.


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