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2021 30 Under 35 Profile: Matt Eberhart

Matt Eberhart, 31
District Operations Manager

Matt started with The Hite Company in 2012 in a marketing position and was promoted to director of purchasing and marketing in 2016. “In 2016 The Hite Company was acquired by Mayer,” said Matt. “I continued to run purchasing and marketing for our district in Pennsylvania, and in 2021 I was promoted to district operations manager and now oversee purchasing and operations for 14 branches.”

Matt found the industry through family connections. “Like many, when I got into the industry, I didn’t know if it was somewhere I wanted to stay long-term. But it didn’t take long for me to get hooked,” he recalled. “The first thing I noticed was how great the people in the industry are. There is a lot you need to learn pretty fast in this business, but there’s never a shortage of people who are willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge.”

The next thing that hooked Matt about electrical distribution was the industry itself. “The electrical industry is crucial to modern society,” he said. “The world needs power to run, and it wouldn’t have it without us. The industry is constantly evolving the products and services we offer, which keeps it exciting.

“Mayer’s president, Wes Smith, is always reminding us that the world is evolving at an ever-increasing rate,” he continued. “Change can be scary, but change is required succeed. We need to question why and how we do what we do and constantly be looking for better strategies and processes. In every role I’ve had, I try to bring data to the forefront of the strategy. As humans, our intuition and our wisdom are crucial to our strategy, but we need to use data to support and fact check our actions. I try to apply this to everything I do.”

Asked about his career aspirations, Matt noted that because he is less than a year into his current role he hasn’t thought far past that. “My strategy has always been to work hard, deliver results, and accept every opportunity that presents itself,” he said. “I’ve been very fortunate in my career to be offered exciting opportunities. All I can do is perform to the best of my abilities and hope to exceed expectations.”

Matt attributes the majority of his success to those who have helped him along the way. “There are so many people who have shared their knowledge and wisdom. I just try to live up to the examples they’ve set,” he said. “The people I look up to most are honest, professional, and compassionate as well as hard-working and intelligent. I do my best to bring these qualities to my work and if I succeed at that, I believe I will continue to grow.”

What would Matt tell someone just entering the industry? “First, get involved,” he said. “There are always new people to meet, new product categories to learn about, and new skills hone. It’s a deep industry and the more you immerse yourself, the more fun you will have. Second, it’s good to leave your comfort zone from time to time. Take risks. Believe in yourself even when it’s scary. You get to learn from your successes and your failures so don’t hesitate to try something new.”

“I’m a nerd,” laughed Matt when asked about his hobbies and interests. “Video games, movies, books, you name it. If you need someone in the industry to have a geeky conversation with, I’m your guy. I also watch a lot of UFC/MMA fighting…but mostly I just like spending time with my family and friends.”


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