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2021 30 Under 35 Profile: Rachel Strother

2021 30 Under 35 Profile: Rachel Strother

Rachel Strother, 28
Regional Strategy Specialist
Siemens Industry

Rachel found Siemens when she was studying industrial engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. “Siemens hosted a session for the National Society of Black Engineers, which led to my first internship in 2015,” she recalled. “After graduating in 2017, I completed the Technical Marketing Leadership Development Program, served as the control products specialist for the East Region, and then as the channel excellence and training specialist for the North Region. Most recently, I was promoted to regional strategy specialist within the Smart Infrastructure, Channel Management team. In this role, I support our regional strategy managers with a focus on deploying strategic initiatives and programs with the Channel Sales Team.”

Rachel said she was first drawn to the industry based on how its technology impacts the world and serves as a foundation for other industries. “Prior to joining Siemens, I had the chance to see firsthand how our products were used in the real world while interning with a car manufacturer,” she said. “I became fascinated with the Siemens equipment used to build the cars as well as the equipment used to operate the facility. From there, I was eager to learn more and what better way to learn than to join the company that’s top in the industry!”

Today, it’s that innovation, along with the learning opportunities within the industry, that continues to appeal to Rachel. “With every new project or team that I work with, there’s always something new to experience and learn,” she said.

Asked about a challenge the industry is currently facing, Rachel pointed to staying connected with the younger generation. “Although our industry is vital, for some people it isn’t the most glamorous nor the easiest to understand,” she explained. “Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to have mentors and managers who have encouraged me and given me new opportunities. So, it has been very important for me to give back by connecting with students from elementary school to college and shine light on our industry. From encouraging young girls to get into engineering to recruiting at college organizations, I’m thankful to be involved with it all and plan to continue to support and be involved with our younger generations.”

As for her career aspirations, Rachel said she is open and flexible to all opportunities that life presents. “When it comes to my career, I break everything into two groups: development and growth. Development as in ways I can expand myself, horizontally, into new areas, and growth as in ways I’m able to mature my knowledge and advance vertically in those areas. With focusing on these two groups, I’m able to continuously progress myself,” she noted. “I believe it is key to have a growth mindset and to be consistently learning. Our industry is forever growing and progressing forward, so it’s imperative to grow with it. I’m always eager to learn a new system or program that will improve and support the work my colleagues and I do.”

To someone just starting in this industry, Rachel has this advice: “Ask as many questions as possible and don’t be afraid to ask them twice! There’s a plethora of knowledge in your organization and people willing to pass it on to you, so it’s important to develop meaningful relationships with those people. I’ve learned that it’s not always about knowing the answer but who to ask for help to get the most accurate answer.”

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time painting and traveling with friends. “Being able to explore new cities and cultures are true blessings that I’m grateful to experience,” she said.


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