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2021 Best of the Best Winners: Video

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest


Judging for tED magazine’s 2021 Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition took place in late April. Over the course of a week, our four judges weighed the entries submitted for the contest’s 11 categories. Ultimately, 42 entries were determined winners, with two companies—OneSource Distributors and ABB Electrification—taking home the honor of Best of the Best Overall Dis­tributor and Best of the Best Overall Supplier, respectively. Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor $101M-$400M
Schaedler Yesco Distribution
ModCenter Video

After making significant investments in the Schaedler Yesco ModCenter, it was critical to develop tools that explained its value—its business proposition, not the technical workings of the machine—to the sales teams and customers. Using custom animation, graphics, and video, a clear, concise, and professional tool was created that explains the service’s benefits and savings. The video was shared through the website, via social media, on instore TVs, via emails, and in meetings.

FROM THE JUDGES: “It’s a very effective use of video—it really dramatized the process. Also, as a viewer, it got me through the process and to the ‘ask’ for an order.”


Distributor More Than $700M
OneSource Distributors
Delivery Notifications

To provide clear communication to customers about how the Delivery Notifications solution works, make it easy for them to sign up, and provide a tool for salespeople to communicate the solution and how it works to their clients, the OneSource marketing team produced a short, animated video. The video was posted on social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and email was sent to customers directing them to watch the video.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This video ticks all the boxes: It’s well done, fun to watch, informational, and a good length.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Dialight/OQ Chemical Case Study Video

In October 2020, the Dialight team visited OQ Chemical in Bishop, Texas, to do traditional photography, videography, and drone video of the lighting and the people at the facility. The video required four months of planning including customer interviews, storyboarding, several rounds of editing, and the shooting itself. The video, which marks the first time the team was able to complete a video case study at a chemical plant, was completed in January 2021 and launched on YouTube as part of Dialight’s chemical and petrochemical campaign.

FROM THE JUDGES: “An outstanding job. I love the customer testimonials—and it closes with a list of benefits.”


Supplier Less Than $250M
Extra-Duty Weatherproof Covers

For this video, the Intermatic team designed extreme tests for weatherproof covers; hired a high-energy, on-camera host and Oscar-winning pyrotechnics expert; and found a safe, legal location for the dangerous challenges. Each test was shot with several slow-motion cameras, including an overhead drone. Adding to the challenge was accommodating COVID-19 protocols during the shoot. The video was shared across social media, in direct-to-customer emails, and through targeted paid advertisements.

FROM THE JUDGES: “I absolutely loved this. It’s not only entertaining, but also really reinforces the brand. Even at nine minutes long, people will watch to the end.”


Supplier More Than $250M
Lutron Electronics
Caséta Outdoor Plug Video

When creating this video, Lutron’s marketing team asked, “How can we promote all of the exciting benefits of the Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug and help contractors and their customers understand the power of it in a one-minute video?” They did it with engaging graphics, clear renderings in lieu of live talent, and easy-to-read onscreen benefit messages to illustrate how the new outdoor plug is ideal for smart control of landscape and string lighting, holiday lights and inflatables, and more.

FROM THE JUDGES: “Good production, with attention-getting music, imagery, and messaging. Lutron hit it out of the park with this smart, stylish video.”


VIDEO – Honorable Mention

Plugged In

OneSource Distributors
Direct Through Stock solution

Keystone Technologies
Floodlights Video

Electri-Flex Company
Liquatite Markets Video


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