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2022 30 Under 35 Profile: Amanda White

Amanda White, 30
Sales Engineer

Amanda joined the industry in 2014, interning with Siemens. “I started full-time the following year as a trainee within the Sales Development Program,” she recalled. Upon graduation from the program Amanda was offered the role of bid coordinator. “After working in that position for a year I was promoted to a contractor sales engineer and have been in the CSE role since 2017,” she said.

Amanda noted that her arrival in the electrical industry was via a more traditional route. “I studied Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M, and naturally that path typically leads to working for manufacturing or distribution in some capacity,” she explained. “I arrived in the electrical industry specifically because of an internship opportunity that arose with Siemens within its Smart Infrastructure division.”

Amanda admits that while she did not know exactly what that entailed, “I had taken one electrical class in college, and found it interesting and challenging,” she said. “I figured if it were anything like that, I would enjoy it. That, paired with the ability to meet and help people and build relationships all seemed very enticing to me. All those things continue to appeal to me and the opportunities and support I’ve received have made me confident that I made the right decision.”

Asked about a challenge the industry is currently facing, Amanda pointed to the current volatility on lead times and pricing. “In my position, I strive to use best practices I have learned over the years,” she said. “Communication is one of the biggest and most basic tools we have, and I feel is so important right now. I think proactiveness is a necessity. Proper planning and transparency with possible changes or disruptions is vital to maintain trust and respect in this unprecedented time.”

Looking ahead, Amanda said there are still facets of her role that she feels she is still learning and is interested in becoming knowledgeable in areas outside of her current scope. “I think knowing more of what my company has to offer makes me a more well-rounded individual and would be more of a value add to a customer looking for a full package solution,” she said. “We also have a large percentage of our workforce retiring and I think it is critical to learn as much from them as possible.”

What would Amanda tell someone just entering the industry? “That they picked a great place to be!” she said. “There are so many investments being made when it comes to new technology and digitalization that makes it an exciting, ever-changing market. I would also tell them to try to learn from as many people as possible, take lots of notes, and ask lots of questions.”

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, thrifting, camping—and “renovating our home we so wisely decided to gut,” she laughed.


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