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2022 Best of the Best Winners: Product Launch

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest

Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor $101M to $400M
NorthEast Electrical
ChargePoint Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

To position itself as the go-to company for EV charging stations throughout New England, NorthEast established a national agreement with ChargePoint and began stocking its product in 2020. In May 2021, NorthEast stepped up its aggressiveness and commitment and brought product into stock and, in June 2021, executed a digital campaign to promote the offering. The campaign included a landing page featuring products, spec sheets, videos, digital flyers, contact information, and a Formstack for more information. The products were promoted externally via email, a website, social media, TriggerPoint Media, flyers, and at events and internally through weekly emails, text messages, SharePoint, flyers, and training and webinars.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This was a very comprehensive, all-out effort to become New England’s ‘go-to’ distributor for EV charging stations. Well executed—with sales data that proves it!”


Supplier Less Than $250M

To introduce Liteline OnCloud to the industry and get it up to speed on the innovation, technology, and setup, Liteline used a combination of digital and print marketing aimed at contractors, lighting designers, distributors, building maintenance, and homeowners. Ads were targeted toward contractors and lighting designers on various websites and in newsletters and publications. The marketing team also produced a brochure, a website landing page, two videos, and social media posts. Additionally, displays were provided to distributor counters to introduce the product and provide a hands-on experience.

FROM THE JUDGES: “A distinctive look and use of color—and I love case studies. The how-to-sell approach in the material is very effective and the displays are very attractive.”


Supplier More Than $250M

In August 2021, Atkore launched the MC Glide Tuff steel armored cable product and leveraged the existing knowledge and hands-on use of MC Glide’s innovative armor to create a strong marketing campaign centered around contractor testimonials. Highlights of the campaign include a contractor testimonial video, unique metal stud end-cap merchandiser displays, half-scale metal stud walls to pull the MC Glide Tuff cable in a realistic environment, digital marketing collateral packages for sales teams and distributors, and social and email campaigns. Atkore also refreshed its MC Tuff dog logo to a modern style with an MC Glide Tuff collar.

FROM THE JUDGES: “I don’t think I’ve seen a more effective ad—it’s a terrific visual. They also created a great installer video; it’s very believable and has a direct, bottom-line approach. All of the elements of this effort are excellent.”


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