CES Opens Branch in Georgia

LITHIA SPRINGS, Ga. — City Electric Supply has opened a new branch in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

Even though Lithia Springs is a suburb of Atlanta that’s located just 17 miles from the state’s capital, it is a small town with plenty of local businesses popping up in the area. Home to Sweetwater Creek State Park, this scenic town holds more than 200 businesses all located on Thornton Road, one of Lithia Springs’ main thoroughfares.

“Because the area is heavily populated with businesses, we have the opportunity to sell a lot of commercial products,” Branch Manager Terry Sauls said. “The town is not as big in the residential market as we would like, but the town is still growing, and we know we will receive some customers with residential needs.”

Although Sauls has only been with City Electric Supply for eight months, he has over 40 years of experience with an independent seller. When he was offered the position to be a branch manager over the new Georgia location, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So far, Sauls has really enjoyed working for CES because he values the way the company treats him and other employees.

“City Electric Supply is very supportive, and if I need something, I can get it. You never have to worry about anything working for CES,” he said.

The Lithia Springs branch took over eight months to open and had plenty of work to go around. With more than 10 offices previously occupying the space, the extensive renovations were going to need more manpower than just Sauls and his branch team.

“We had to completely renovate the building from front to back. Half of the building is now a showroom and office space. The back half of the building is our wire rack room and warehouse.”

With the help of District Manager David Kelley, Sauls hired a team of contractors from the Dalton area who came in and completed about 90% of the renovations.

Sauls’ team has almost as much experience as he does, which is a huge reason he knows they are going to be an outstanding and successful branch.

“Our team has over 75 years of experience, and I know with us being a newer branch, there is only one way to go and that is up,” Sauls said. “We may be new to the town, but we can’t wait to build on the strong reputation that CES has in Georgia.”

With a very experienced staff, the branch has hit the ground running. Sauls brought many customers over from his previous position, including customers he created relationships with while training at the CES Dallas location in Dallas, Georgia.

“We have added many new customers since our opening two weeks ago,” he said. “We are in a great location and are doing a lot already! We have done a lot of double booking with customers who live west of our location. This is going to be such a huge opportunity for us, and we’re happy we can finally get started doing what we do best: serving our customers!”

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