City Electric Supply Opens New Branch in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. — Lansing is the capital of Michigan and home to Michigan State University, a public research university that helped establish Lansing as an innovative hub of education, commerce, industry, and culture. With GM making investments in the automotive manufacturing industry, including rapid commercial and industrial development on the horizon, Lansing is positioned to grow even more in the coming decades.

Branch Manager Terry Nisbett has been a part of the City Electric Supply team over the last 14 years, previously working as the branch manager in nearby Brighton. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he’s ready to take on anything that stands in his way.

Nisbett expects the branch will be nothing but a huge success thanks to the 50 years of combined experience across his staff, and Nisbett is already looking at opening a second location in the town.

“Brandon Bollwahn, our Outside Sales Rep, is a seasoned journeyman with 20 years of industry experience. Andy Tabor, our Counter Salesman, has local ties and contacts that will help get our foot in the door with local contractors,” said Nisbett. “With everyone’s ambition, work ethic, and drive to succeed, I know this team is going to hit the ground running.”

The branch is located in the industrial area on the west side of Lansing. With a Coca-Cola bottling plant, distribution center, and countless transportation businesses nearby, this new branch is positioned in a prime spot to capitalize on both the industrial and commercial markets. However, preparing the branch for opening has been far from easy. Over the last year, the team has been working hard to make sure the branch is in perfect shape to welcome customers.

“Opening this branch has been quite a challenge, to say the least. We had to bring the building back to life after being vacant for the last five years,” Nisbett said.

The brutal Michigan winters can cause extensive damage to a building when left unoccupied, especially the pipes. Because of this, the team worked diligently for a month to replace the lighting, fix frozen pipes, and get a new gas meter to repair broken heaters.

“The additional roadblocks along the way were challenging, but we made it through,” he said. “It just helps us appreciate all the hard work that much more.”

There are many reasons why Nisbett believes the branch is unique to the Central Michigan area, but having the opportunity to run his store like it’s his own mom and pop shop will help separate him from other suppliers in the region. Secondly, the branch can tailor their inventory to their specific customers’ needs and wants, all while providing customer service that is second-to-none.

“Being able to tailor our business to satisfy local contractors based on their needs and wants is the best! I also love the family-matters attitude the company supports. Advancement within CES is only limited by my own ambitions,” he said.

Nisbett knows the new branch is exploring unknown territories, as his branch is the only store for 45 minutes in any direction. However, he’s not backing down from this challenge. He foresees more branches popping up in the area over the next few years, so he’s ready to establish a foundation for CES to build upon.

“While we will have to be self-sustaining for a while, I am excited to see what more we can do as a team to grow another successful branch and establish that crucial foothold in Central Michigan.”

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