City Electric Supply Relocates Texas Branch

City Electric Supply Relocates Texas Branch

LA MARQUE, Texas — One of the 39 City Electric Supply branches in Texas recently relocated from Alvin to La Marque. The branch moved out of Brazoria County and headed southeast to Galveston County, just 20 miles away from the original location. And Branch Manager Michael Martini says the move has already proven successful.

“This location has already brought in new clients. It’s also brought some old clients back to us because this location is so convenient for job sites,” explained Martini.

The new branch is prepared to serve the commercial, residential and industrial markets in the area.

“I want people to know we’re not just a wholesaler. We’re here for any market, and we’re a great resource for any project,” said Martini. “Just stop by and see for yourself!”

The entire team worked hand-in-hand to move everything to the new location while keeping their doors open to customers in the process. The move required a lot of sweat and hard work, but it was worth it. The branch has seen a boost in both walk-in traffic and sales.

“It took a big investment from the company and my bosses, but it’s worth it. It’s helped us turn into a real one-stop shop for clients,” said Martini. “We can hold more, and we’re easier to get to and from.”

And while the branch developed strong relationships in Alvin, the move has given them opportunities to serve even more customers.

“We just needed a little more visibility, and we got it here in La Marque. We’re facing Interstate 45, which means about seven million people pass us in a year,” said Martini.

Fortunately, some customers followed the branch from Alvin and are enjoying the perks of the new location, such as the extra 2,000 square feet and the incredible showroom.

“Instead of having everything hidden away in the back, we can present items and market them while people are in the showroom,” said Martini. “They can see everything for themselves.”

All of the achievements associated with the move were led by Martini, who had only joined the CES family a few months prior to the move.

“What stood out to me when I interviewed Michael was his business mind,” said District Manager Daren Thode. “He’s someone who knows how to solve problems and take charge. I know he’s going to continue to do great things in the new location.”

As for what the future holds for the new branch location, Martini and his team are prepared for whatever comes their way.

“There have been challenges, but I like that every day is different. I’m always ready for the next challenge,” said Martini. “There will be more challenges in the future, but I’m not worried. I’ve had a lot of support from my boss and the regional manager.”

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