COVID-19 Weekly Impact Survey: Financial Impact and Strategizing for the Future

COVID-19 Weekly Impact Survey: Financial Impact and Strategizing for the Future

To determine the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the industry, NAED would like to ask you a few questions each week.

By sharing your input, NAED can better assess the overall impact on sales, operations, and the workforce.

Please complete the Week Four questionnaire for COVID-19 Impact here:

Your confidential responses will be aggregated and immediately available upon completion.

You may return to the instant results as often as you like by visiting:

Thank you in advance for providing your honest feedback.

Survey results from the week of April 13:

Of those who are in the purchasing role, 50% are unable to do their job from home because of manual paper processes that have to be done on-site.

Prior to COVID-19, 30% percent of Inside Salespeople never worked from home while 25% worked from home more than 90% of the time. Another 25% said that their job can’t be done from home due to taking care of customers on-site.

For Outside Salespeople, half of respondents said they worked from home prior to COVID-19 between 51% and 75% of the time.

Nearly 67% of Sales Managers worked from home between 76% and 90% of the time prior to COVID-19.

Of those working from home, nearly all agreed that they have access to the right resources to perform their job effectively..

About 9% feel there is a lack of communication when it comes to changes and how it will impact themselves and the business.

See the infographic below for a snapshot of last week’s results (click to enlarge):


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