Dirk Beveridge “Obliterate” Webinars Begin Today

Dirk Beveridge “Obliterate” Webinars Begin Today

Dirk Beveridge, founder of UnleashWD and executive producer of We Supply America, is hosting a series of webinars that discuss six false narratives revolving around the distribution industry, and how to obliterate them.

The business of distribution is tough enough, so it is important once and for all to acknowledge – and then obliterate – the false narratives we have come to accept as “truth.” We spoke to over 175 distribution professionals to find out which six narratives are most detrimental to our ability to recruit and retain top talent, outperform the market, and stay ahead of the competition.

Register for Today’s Webinar (3:00 PM CT): Distribution Isn’t Sexy

If you are experiencing war on talent challenges, rethinking your people, processes, and/or systems, or simply tired of distribution taking a back seat, you’ll want to attend this executive briefing. Our host, Dirk Beveridge will set the stage with what he uncovered during the We Supply America tour defining distribution’s sexiness, and then discuss with his guests how distributors are making their businesses attractive and magnetic everyday.

tED magazine Publisher, Scott Costa, interviewed Dirk earlier this year about the series:

DistributED Podcast: Unapologetic With Dirk Beveridge

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