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DistributED Podcast: NAED’s Data Insights Conference

NAED is preparing to host the first-ever Data Insights Conference, coming up October 25-27 at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport hotel.

This is a great opportunity to transform your current data streams into an organized story that will lead to actionable insights. Topics will range from identifying and reducing cost to serve, enhancing your understanding of your customers, refining your inventory and pricing strategies through your current ERP systems, and achieving better market penetration.

Now is the time for you to talk with your internal data experts and decision-makers to determine which of the people who have your data at their fingertips will benefit from the additional strategies from data experts and roundtable discussions at the NAED Data Insights Conference.

NAED’s Independent Data Insights Advisor Mark McGready joined the “DistributED with tED magazine” podcast to provide you with a preview of what to expect at the conference, and help you identify the people who should attend.

The 2022 NAED Data Insights Conference is part of the association’s ongoing effort of “Building a Connected Business For The Future”, which launched during the NAED National Meeting last May. “Building A Connected Business For the Future”, and the Data Insights Conference are not the only steps you can take. NAED recently launched the Leveraging Data course for members. This course teaches the key data analytics tools that a distributor can utilize to be successful in today’s marketplace, to drive a data driven culture in their organization, and to help identify areas for improvement in profitability and sales efficiency. The course provides techniques to perform analysis on the four main areas of business:

  1. Sales Revenues
  2. Cost of Goods Sold
  3. Gross Margins
  4. Operating Expenses

You can learn more about “Leveraging Data” and enroll in the course by clicking here.

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