ETIM North America Partners with Electro-Federation Canada

ETIM North America Partners with Electro-Federation Canada

SALT LAKE CITY and TORONTO — Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) and ETIM North America (NA) have entered into a strategic alliance to support the digitization, standardization, and overall exchange of technical product data for all users within the electrical channel.

EFC, Canada’s national association representing electrical manufacturers, distributors, and agents, has joined the ETIM NA product classification initiative as a Supporting Association. Reciprocally, ETIM NA has become an EFC Affiliate member.

Product classifications are essential to digitalize channels and commerce, reducing operating costs and improving service levels. ETIM NA is responsible for maintaining and promoting the adoption of ETIM standards in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. ETIM NA is one of 22 national or regional federations supporting the ETIM classification model and its member communities worldwide.

A dedicated non-profit association, ETIM NA uses a collaborative approach to develop, translate, and maintain standards for industry-wide benefit. EFC’s support of ETIM NA will help promote the use of the ETIM classification model and assist manufacturing and distribution companies with the exchange and digitization of product information throughout the Canadian supply chain. This information is equally critical to end users, contractors, engineers, and architects, and is utilized everywhere from web stores to building design applications like CAD and BIM.

EFC members will have the opportunity to participate on various ETIM NA committees and share subject-matter expertise to influence standards. This alliance will also ensure the ETIM classification model is relevant to the Canadian market and features French attributes. In reciprocal support, ETIM NA’s Executive Director, Mary Shaw, will participate on EFC’s Supply Chain Network to share her standards expertise and to help strengthen standardized product classification across the nation.

EFC members may also become direct members of ETIM NA, which provides a multitude of other benefits, including the ability to vote on standards adoptions and to access ETIM NA member-only tools.

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