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Futures Group: Human Centric Distribution

Can distributors compete on talent by aligning their companies with enabling the needs and aspirations of the ultimate users, members of the skilled trades? That will be the topic of the next “Office Hours” with NAED’s Futures Group.

NAED’s Ed Orlet and the Network for Business Innovation’s Mark Dancer are inviting you to “The Future of HR: Human Centric Distribution” on April 20, 2023, at 1 PM (CDT). Everyone is invited to attend and participate in this free session, but you need to register here in advance.

To preview the event, Ed and Mark spoke with Dirk Beveridge, CEO of UnleashWD, about his insights and advice on modernizing distributor talent plans, cultures, and leadership. Consider the following to help guide our discussions about talent and the future of work:

  • Is your organization aware of the future of work trends and working to build a modern, purpose-driven, creative, and innovative culture? If not, why?
  • How do future of work trends impact your customers today and tomorrow? What talent changes are needed? How can you help?
  • Are your company and industry associations working to enable new generations of leaders and innovators? Do you have a plan to pass along the senior generation’s knowledge in a way that frees the younger generations to create new value for customers?
  • Have you embraced human-centric design as a North Star for leveraging technology, or are you blindly implementing best practices dictated by our technology overlords?
  • Can you translate your company and industry’s plans for implementing future of work innovations to public policy needs and share them with local, state, and national officials?


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