Horizon Solutions Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Horizon Solutions® has joined over 60 manufacturers/brands, national chains and leading independent distributors in endorsing NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards.

Said John Kerkhove, president and CEO of Horizon Solutions, “Having been a manufacturer I recognize the importance of manufacturer salespeople supporting local branches. Without the local presence, branches do not get serviced effectively and customers are not called on. As a distributor, it is important that manufacturer representatives that call on Horizon Solutions and on our customers are appropriately compensated for their efforts. And given Horizon Solutions’ footprint in five states, support by manufacturer representatives is important to us.”

According to David Hayes, executive vice president of industrial and OEM sales, “Horizon Solutions endorses the NEMRA POS initiative, and fully supports providing non-customer specific POS zip code level sales data. It is important that the reps we work with in our various territories get the proper sales credit.”

Jim Johnson, President of NEMRA, commented, “Horizon Solutions traces its roots back to 1854 and throughout its time it has been recognized as a leading industrial supplier and electrical distributor. They recognize the value of local manufacturer representative support of their branches and to their customers throughout New England and New York. Their commitment to sharing information to ensure that manufacturer representatives are compensated is much appreciated. On behalf of our members, we thank Horizon Solutions for their support and endorsement.”

For more information on NEMRA’s POS initiative, to read the research and see which manufacturers and distributors have endorsed and adopted the standards go to

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