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Hot Topics: Readers’ Fave Summer Features

Hot Topics: Readers’ Fave Summer Features

From retaining millennial workers to keeping your customers around for life, scroll down to see the most-read features of the summer so far.


The Race to Merge and Acquire Is On

May 23, 2019

Coming off a softer year in 2018, merger and acquisition activity in the electrical distribution sector is up this year as both financial and strategic buyers remain active looking for viable companies to acquire.
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Amazon Shmamazon

May 31, 2019

Why the youngest guy in the room isn’t worried about Amazon.
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Why Are Your Millennial Employees Leaving?

June 6, 2019

If you don’t let your millennial workers know that they’re valued, appreciated, and doing something meaningful for your distributorship, before you know it they’re going to jump ship for the next job opportunity.
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8 Great Ways to Retain Millennial Workers

June 5, 2019

Show your millennial workforce that it’s appreciated and valued and you may be surprised at the great returns that you get on those efforts.
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Keeping Your Customers Around for Life, Part I

June 12, 2019

Is your distributorship a firefighter who handles the problem of the day, or does it give customers the kind of long-term value that keeps them coming back for more?
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