I Belong Here Plans Inclusion And Empathy Webinar

I Belong Here, the electrical industry’s diversity and inclusion resource, is planning it’s next webinar for Thursday, December 15 at 10:00am Central time.

Michael Fosberg, an author, activist, and actor from Incognito, Inc. will be the keynote speaker. In his keynote, Fosberg will share his life experience by focusing on commonalities and how we can build bridges to greater understanding and empathy.

You do not need to register for the webinar on the 15th. Just mark your calendars and you can click this link when it begins.

I Belong Here hosts webinars to help people who work in our supply chain with their diversity, equity and inclusion policies. Its mission is to “influence the mindsets and actions of people to value differences to create stronger, more inclusive workplace environments and communities. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships across the industry, we aspire to create and sustain an open culture of unity that understands the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

NAED member companies that created I Belong Here include Rexel, Schneider Electric, Van Meter, Inc., Connexion, Schaedler Yesco, Rockwell Automation, Border States, and nVent.

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