IAV introduces wireless rock-style speaker

Just in time for the outdoor entertaining season, IAV is announcing a new product—the IAV AudioRock System. The IAV AudioRock is part of a wireless audio system designed to make music blend with the outdoor environment.

According to a company news release, “There are other ‘rock type’ speakers on the market but none that are wireless and none that make such extensive use of digital signal processing to achieve otherwise unheard of sound quality.”

The IAV AudioRock circumvents the difficulty of running wires under solid surfaces like pool decks or patio concrete. It removes the wiring altogether and eliminates the installation labor and costs associated with wired outdoor systems.  Also, since the speaker is wireless, it is easy to position and relocate.

The IAV AudioRock System is sold with a wireless transmitter capable of accepting two source inputs and two zone outputs, a wireless remote and a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery run time provides 8–10 hours of stereo sound with a quick two hour charge.

For information on where to find the IAV AudioRock, visit

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