Innovative Mindset Webinar Set For December 12

Over the last several months, industry consultant and innovation thought leader Dirk Beveridge has facilitated a number of Think Tank sessions with over 40 distribution CEO’s. These Think Tanks have been focused on how distributors must re-think their business in the age of rapid change.

One of the discoveries from these in-depth sessions has been the discovery of a new structure that forms a strategic roadmap for planning.  Beveridge,  along with Ranga Bodla, Head of Industry Marketing for NetSuite, and Scott Costa, the publisher of tED Magazine, will be sharing this new thinking in a live webinar on Tuesday December 12, at 12 noon central.  (It’s easy to remember: 12/12 at 12 noon).

Dirk will be sharing the “Path To Winning In The Age of Rapid Change” and together he, Bodla and Costa will detail actionable insights as well as explore The Innovative Mindset required.

The conversation will include an honest discussion on “your path to winning”. Beveridge, Bodla and Costa will talk about if history is holding you back from a successful future, some of the market dynamics that you cannot change but must learn to build from, and the 8 key mindsets you need to be on the path to winning.

As a bonus for registering, Dirk will send you a free digital copy of his new book — The Innovative Distributor Mindset.

You can register for the webinar by clicking here.


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