K/E Electric Hosts Ground Un-Breaking Ceremony

K/E Electric Hosts Ground Un-Breaking Ceremony

The ground “un-breaking” ceremony for the new K/E Electric Supply project in Mount Clemens, Michigan was held on Thursday, June 16, 2022. After a short introduction by owner Rock Kuchenmeister, the Kuchenmeister family planted a red oak tree near the existing Annex Building at the 141 N Groesbeck property. The tree will represent the start of an un-breaking of the soils on this property. This event was to signify the kick-off of the PHASE II project for the site.

The PHASE I project included securing the site, cleaning up substantial industrial debris, and analyzing soil densities and chemical content.  PHASE I also included recovering the preexisting building, so it can be used as a construction trailer of sorts during the other construction phases planned for this property.

PHASE II includes balancing the land by relocating soils and constructing a substantial seawall on the east side of the ten-acre lake. That seawall will provide significant support for the building to be constructed in PHASE III.

PHASE III is intended to be the construction of a new warehouse and office building for K/E Electric Supply Corp., which has outgrown its existing location, directly across the street.

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