Klein Tools and Super Rod Donate Products to Apprentices

Klein Tools and Super Rod Donate Products to Apprentices

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. — Klein Tools and Super Rod delivered the first shipment of more than £1 million worth of products and resources to JTL, a not-for-profit electrical training program in the United Kingdom. As part of a five-year program, the donation will supply Klein Tools’ products to more than 10,000 apprentices studying at JTL’s flagship National Center of Excellence in Birmingham. More than 1,500 tool kits were donated at 76 City Electrical Factors locations across England and Wales.

“This donation between Klein Tools and Super Rod ensures convenient access to equipment and education for those interested in becoming electricians,” said Malcolm Duncan, managing director of Super Rod. “We want to continue attracting people to this great career and are committed to putting those individuals on a pathway to success.”

JTL supports more than 5,000 young people in apprenticeship disciplines, including electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation and engineering maintenance fields. The organization works with about 3,000 businesses in the United Kingdom to help place apprentices in corresponding positions.

“These tools and instructional materials give our students a great foundation at the start of their careers,” said Jon Graham, chief executive of JTL. “We teach the importance of working with safe, quality-proven tools, and this donation puts apprentices on track toward long and successful careers as electricians.”

Klein Tools has made a similar donation to the NJATC, the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee in the United States. More than a million dollars of tools and instructional materials have been delivered during the five-year program. The success of the U.S. donation made it possible to expand the program to other markets, including the United Kingdom.

“My great-great-great grandfather started Klein Tools because people came to him to fix poorly manufactured tools that kept breaking. From then on, Klein began making the highest quality tools to ensure electricians could get the job done safely and correctly,” said Mark Klein, president of Klein Tools. “It’s important for us to provide apprentices with the right products and education, so they can continue making advancements in this trade. Expanding this program into the United Kingdom allows Klein the opportunity to help train the next generation of electricians overseas.”

Klein Tools has also launched a similar donation program with Australia Training institutions AIG and Master Electricians Australia.


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