Loeb Electric Celebrates 110 Years of Customer Success

Loeb Electric Celebrates 110 Years of Customer Success

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Loeb Electric, an independent electrical distributor and service provider, is celebrating 110 years of supporting commercial construction projects in central Ohio and businesses nationwide. Founded in 1912, Loeb Electric is one of the country’s largest independent electrical and lighting distributors and remains family-owned and -operated.

“Over the last 110 years, we’ve remained focused on one priority—customer success, which is built on trust,” says third-generation President and CEO Charles Loeb, who took the reins in 1982 after starting his career at the Loeb Electric counter. “Within these walls, the word ‘trust’ means more than any other. Anyone can sell materials. We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched service and the best possible customer experience,” he adds.

In addition to trust and customer centricity, the business attributes its success to agile expertise and innovation. From material supply to project management and logistics support, Loeb’s cross-disciplined experts strive every day to be an essential part of their customers’ success. Custom solutions are developed quickly, based upon customer needs and objectives. The identified performance metrics are then reported on through reports and dashboards, provided through significant investments into technology.

“Customer centricity through trust, expertise, and innovation is where we shine,” says Loeb.­


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