NAED Launches Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report

NAED Launches Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report

As of right now, there are 10,600,000 unfilled jobs in the United States.

By comparison, Georgia is the 8th most-populous state in the country, and it has slightly more than 10,600,000 total residents.

You probably have one or more unfilled positions right now. And while your potential next hire looks at a variety of factors when it comes to a decision to join your team, including company culture, opportunity for advancement, and leadership development, people you want to hire want to know about your compensation and benefits packages. In fact, NAED’s 1Q Economic and Industry Sector Outlook, which will be released on January 28, says wage hikes are expected to be more common in 2022. The Conference Board’s Salary Increase Budget Survey found some companies are planning for a 3.9% increase in wages in 2022. In the labor shortage continues, wage growth may exceed 4%.

NAED is launching the 2022 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey and Report right now. In 2020, more than 900 distribution companies representing 10,000 locations participated.

Designed specifically for distributors, the results provide a way to evaluate your compensation levels and benefit offerings to not only electrical distributors, but other types of wholesalers as well. There is no cost to participate for NAED members.

Click here to start the Cross Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey.

Participants can select two different reporting options:


Complete the survey and your company will receive a complimentary PDF of the Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report ($419 value). It features the aggregated results of all participants, alongside comparisons to NAED member responses, for an analysis of key compensation and benefits. It also includes breakouts of roles by sales volumes and regions.


This option features  reporting for survey participants who wish to have access to more data cuts and build their own reports. For $329, your company not only receives the Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Industry Report, but also the following information via the online portal:

  • Company-specific Compensation Report: Presents your own information alongside the appropriate comparatives.
  • Detailed Data Tables (Excel): These tables include every data aggregate compiled in the study. It also includes salaries and benefits specific to geographic areas (when available) and various experience levels so you can create the right offers for your new hires ($99 value).
  • Searchable results: With the application, you can create your own data cuts by combining the aggregates in the Excel Data Tables.

Throughout the survey process any questions regarding the survey instrument, how to complete the form, or the study in general can be made by email to comp@industryinsights.com or by phone to 614.389.2100.

For more information about the 2022 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey and Report, click here.

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