NAED Prepares For Virtual Legislative Fly-In

NAED Prepares For Virtual Legislative Fly-In


Tax increases.

Labor issues.

With so many key topics being discussed right now in Washington, D.C., the National Association of Electrical Distributors is teaming up with the American Supply Association to create a virtual Legislative Fly-In, which will be help on September 22. There is still time for you to register your entire company, and be briefed on the key issues that are impacting distribution right now.

The event will cost $99 per company, not per person, to help cover expenses to set up your meetings for you. The priority will be to have you meet with your home state Senators, the member of Congress that represents you, and members of key committees that impact how you do business. A brief outline on topics and talking points will be held the week before the Virtual Legislative Fly-In so you will be up to date on key issues.

NAED works very closely with the Family Business Coalition, and it points out three topics that are extremely important right now. “I’d recommend opposing the capital gains at death issue, and other potential tax hikes being discussed to pay for this upcoming reconciliation spending package, like the small business tax deduction. The PRO Act is a good grab all piece of legislation on labor issues to oppose since it has passed the House and it wouldn’t hurt to add more pressure against it on the Senate side,” Palmer Schoening, Chairman of the Family Business Coalition told NAED. You can learn more about the PRO Act by clicking here.

As Ed Orlet, NAED Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs and Strategic Projects, said in a recent NAED On-Demand video that this is a critical time for policy.

“Biden wants to fulfill a big campaign promise of his – to raise taxes,” Orlet said in the video.

Ian Reynolds, NAED’s General Counsel, added, “The regulatory environment of this administration is going to be in stark contrast to the previous, more business-friendly approach.”

You can register for the 2021 Virtual Legislative Fly-In by clicking here.  The registration fee allows you to invite as many of your co-workers and supply chain parters as you want.

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