NAED’s Office Hours: Generative AI And Our Supply Chain

NAED’s Office Hours: Generative AI And Our Supply Chain

NAED’s Futures Group hosted its latest “Office Hours” on July 20 with a further examination of Generative AI and its potential use for electrical distributors and manufacturers.

Generative AI may become the most powerful technology in a generation, operating as a platform for new business models and accelerating change. The “Office Hours” event explored generative AI capabilities and potential use cases for our industry. NAED’s interim President Ed Orlet hosted the event with Mark Dancer of the Network For Business Innovation, Gail Reynoso, NAED’s Member Recruitment and Governance Manager, and Satya Sanivarapu, NAED’s new Technology Director, Digital Supply Chain. The guests were Steve Levy of Infor, and Michael Delgado of

NAED is providing this video of highlights from the conversation, and wants to let you know that the next Office Hours is scheduled for Thursday, August 17 at 1pm Central time. The topic is “Automation and Skilled Trades: The Jobsite of the Future”. You do not have to pay to attend “Office Hours”, but you need to register so you can receive the link to join the meeting. You can register at

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