NAED’s TenEyck Nominated For “Journey Map of Product Data” Research

NAED’s TenEyck Nominated For “Journey Map of Product Data” Research

NAED’s Director of Business Insights Erika TenEyck is nominated for two research awards for her work on the association’s study, “NAED’s Journey Map of Product Data”. The research is based on the insights and experiences of NAED members around product data, documents current practices, identifies key friction points, and provides ideas to optimize product data for the industry.

“NAED’s Journey Map of Product Data” has been widely accepted by NAED member companies, with the findings showing inefficiencies cost distributors a minimum of $2 billion each year. While the study outlines nine friction points that lead to extra costs, it also provides best practices for manufacturers and distributors to improve the processes around product data. The suggestions help to enhance communications, product data standards, and boost the bottom line.

The value of the research comes from the number of responses to NAED’s call for interviews. The input of manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer reps, and technology partners was integral to determining where improvements could be implemented for greater efficiency. In addition to interviews, a team of members provided important feedback and guidance for this groundbreaking study.

Erika TenEyck

On the nomination form, Gold Research wrote:

This project is a testament to Erika TenEyck’s commitment to elevating industry standards and guiding NAED and its members toward an optimized, data-driven future. Her focus on understanding and enhancing the product data journey marks an innovative step in the industry, setting the stage for more effective and efficient practices.

The awards acknowledge the effectiveness, creativity, and innovation in business-to-business marketing research. The nomination form from Gold Research also includes the statement, “By dissecting the complexities of this journey and prioritizing improvements, TenEyck is leading the way in industry best practices and paving the way for future success.”

“It is such an honor to be nominated by Gold Research! I share this with the team of members who provided their expertise and insights throughout the study,” TenEyck said. “NAED’s ‘Journey Map of Product Data’ is a wonderful example of how NAED members can come together to resolve ongoing challenges for the betterment of the industry. I very much appreciate being part of these efforts and look forward to sharing the results of the next study with everyone.”

You can download a copy of the award-nominated research at Be sure to log in because this award-nominated research is free to NAED members.

And NAED just announced that it is expanding the “Journey Map of Product Data” research with a second study. You can take the online surveys to capture a broader set of perspectives that will culminate in a new set of insights around product data costs and best practices. If you’re a manufacturer, click this link to take the survey. If you’re a distributor, please follow this link to take the survey.


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