NECA and NAED to Host EV Symposium

NECA and NAED to Host EV Symposium

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) are teaming up to provide an opportunity for the electrical industry to gain further insight and information regarding the high-demand sector of Electric Vehicles (EV). This rapidly emerging market has increased traction over the last decade and is now one of the hottest topics nationally.

To maximize awareness and knowledge of EV technology, the two associations have worked together to organize an “EV Symposium” on September 28, as a part of the NECA Convention. (NECA Convention registration is not required to attend this symposium). It includes education sessions on products that will be needed beyond the chargers themselves, a panel discussion on customer expectations throughout the lifetime of the EV charger and how to manage your presence in the market.

“NAED and NECA have made working more closely together a priority,” Ed Orlet, NAED’s Interim President said. “We’ve made great strides in our Electrical Industry Supply Chain Initiative including our partners at NEMA and NEMRA. Now we’re happy to grow our partnership with NECA on this event designed to help our members evaluate opportunities in the electric vehicle supply infrastructure market. It’s important to note that the event will focus on ways distributors and contractors can partner to maximize their impact on this emerging market segment.”

Marco Giamberardino, NECA’s Senior Vice-President of Government and Public Affairs will help to moderate the ‘EV Opportunity Panel Discussion’ during the Symposium. “In an era defined by the convergence of sustainability and technological innovation, hosting this symposium on Electric Vehicles (EVs) is critically important for both NECA and NAED,” expressed Giamberardino. “Such a gathering serves as a catalyst for forging new paths in transportation and the electrical contracting industry, fostering collaboration between industry leaders, policymakers, and visionaries.”

The second part of the Symposium will present which products will be needed to address the growing demand for versatile chargers that are integrated with power grids and how the charging companies’ business models will impact the installation, operation, and maintenance of products at third-party locations. “As EVs continue to transcend the automotive landscape, this Symposium stands as a milestone guiding the electrical industry towards transformative growth, propelling America into a future where clean mobility and energy efficiency harmoniously reshape the very fabric of progress over the years to come” said Giamberardino.

Close out the day-long Symposium at the ‘Entering or Expanding Your Presence in the EV Market’ session which will be followed with a valuable networking reception.

If you want to attend the NECA/NAED EV Symposium, you will need to register here. NECA Convention registration is NOT required to attend this Symposium.

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