One-Pull Wire and Cable Solutions Acquires Quik-Pull 

One-Pull Wire and Cable Solutions Acquires Quik-Pull 

On August 30, One-Pull Wire and Cable Solutions acquired bundled cable manufacturer Quik-Pull from its parent company, Memphis-based Power & Telephone Supply.

With this acquisition, One-Pull has greatly increased its manufacturing capabilities, expanded its product offerings which now include spiral configurations, insulated multi-conductor wire bundles, and custom UL-rated tray cable, while executing on short lead times.    

Founded in 1979, Quik-Pull is the original bundled cable manufacturer and continues to be the leading manufacturer of bundled cable products. The quality and excellence of Quik-Pull’s products are well known to electrical contractors and distributors—so much so that it is common to refer wire bundles as “quik-pulls.”

One-Pull will utilize Quik-Pull’s best-in-class staff, sales, and machinery to be a one-stop-shop for various bundled cable types as well as optimize its operations to deliver bundled cable to distributors nation-wide. 

While the overall corporate name of the brand will be One-Pull Wire and Cable, Quik-Pull’s Randolph, Vermont facility will be the new headquarters for the One-Pull organization. One-Pull will continue to use the Quik-Pull product line name in the future along with the name Cable and Harness, which Quik-Pull merged with in 1999 when Vermont Cableworks was founded.  

Quik-Pull’s slogan is “The original. The best,” and its history lives up to that. Through this acquisition, One-Pull is excited to absorb the market knowledge, product and manufacturing expertise, and brand recognition of Quik-Pull. 

“With the acquisition of Quik-Pull, we have increased our capacity and the ability to provide very short lead-times. In addition, we will be able to manufacture more complex bundled cable configurations such as spiral configurations and jacketed tray cable bundles. Electricians and electrical contractors are constantly asking ‘how do we save money and how do we become more competitive with project bids?’ Our bundled cable solution will help them on both fronts,” says Rob Reardon, Managing Director of One-Pull. 

“Studies have shown that the product can save end users up to 25% on their labor expenses, as well as setup and termination time. We will spend much of our time giving product demonstrations and showing how much quicker bundled cable is compared to setting up multiple reels,” he says. 

One-Pull’s mission is to manufacture and ship bundled cable with short lead times and premium customer service. With the acquisition of Quik-Pull, One-Pull’s capacity and ability to manufacture and ship bundled cable to electrical distributors throughout the United States will increase substantially.  

One-Pull Wire and Cable sells exclusively through distribution and  ships within 4 days.  


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