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As we work through the COVID-19 crisis, many of our distributors are keeping an eye on a number of economic reports and experts to have an idea of when recovery will begin. We have heard, and has reported, a number of different predictions, from a return in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year to something more significant beginning in 2021.

But what would a report look like if it was prepared only for your company, based on it’s location, it’s current revenue, guidelines for social distancing by each individual state, and the number of COVID-19 cases reported in those states? created a program using its artificial intelligence offering to provide that information.

“This is a different kind of recession than we have ever seen before,” Benj Cohen, Founder of told tED magazine. “Some states are going to recover first and some businesses are going to recover differently. This is totally different. I talked to businesses are that are up, and I have talked to businesses that are down 80%. Different businesses and product lines are impacted in a lot of ways. In order to make business decisions, you have to understand where things are going to come back first.” takes your data and loads it into its computer. The artificial intelligence takes over from there, measuring in all factors, and you can have results within 24 hours. But Cohen says this is not a tradition AI model. “AI is good at looking at past patterns and predicting the future. We modeled this to look at different equations. According to our model, the more you can control the virus, the stronger the recovery will be. But you have to get the virus under control first,” Cohen reported.

Cohen added the AI works very much like reports we have watched about the spread of COVID-19. Many reports say we are 10-14 days behind what we are seeing in European countries when it comes to the number of patients. Using a similar model, the program can predict which areas of the country will see recovery first. “There are products that are impacted differently and by region,” Cohen explains. “If California is six days ahead of South Dakota in terms of number of cases, and nail clipper sales are surging in California, South Dakota needs to prepare for a nail clipper surge.”

“Our hope is that this is helpful, and we will keep adding onto it, including what happens if the virus comes back in the fall. If you get updated data every week, we will update the simulation so you can get new information.  This is super new, and it’s a model that we couldn’t find anywhere else. We are just trying to work with people to help people out. No one knows the future, and this is just one view of it. You will be going through layers of decision making and this is a part of that decision making.

If you would like to sign up to get the personalized COVID-19 Revenue Model, you can go to the simulator page on the website to learn more.

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