Rockwell CEO Meets with Commerce Secretary Ross

Rockwell CEO Meets with Commerce Secretary Ross

MILWAUKEE — In a meeting in Washington D.C. with Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Rockwell Automation President and Chief Executive Officer Blake Moret confirmed the company’s commitment to supporting programs and policies that will create new, high-paying manufacturing jobs for U.S. workers.

During the meeting with Secretary Ross, Moret, who previously served as chair of the Board of the NAM Manufacturing Institute, highlighted the contributions Rockwell Automation has made to lifelong learning and its critical role in bolstering modern manufacturing competitiveness.

“Lifelong learning for factory workers provides a competitive advantage. No matter how much you automate, your people will remain your most important asset,” Moret said. “Suppliers, producers and the government all have a role to play in evolving the workforce to adapt to changes in this industry and to train workers for these highly skilled roles.”

Rockwell Automation works with more than 80 percent of U.S. manufacturing companies. As a longtime advocate for American manufacturing, the company has made significant investments in lifelong learning to help prepare workers for careers in manufacturing, as well as for new roles as technologies and jobs evolve.

“The meeting with Secretary Ross was beneficial in establishing a dialogue about how we can build the future of U.S. manufacturing. Rockwell Automation is dedicated to advancing the industry through lifelong training, workforce development, technology advancements and meaningful partnerships,” said Moret. “We look forward to working with Secretary Ross and his team on these issues.”

(Left to Right: Bruce Quinn, Vice President, Government Affairs, Rockwell Automation; Rachael Conrad, Regional Vice President, Rockwell Automation; Wilbur Ross, Jr., Commerce Secretary; Blake Moret, President and CEO, Rockwell Automation; and Patrick Leon, Buyer, Rockwell Automation.)


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