Stanion Wholesale Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Stanion Wholesale has joined over 60 manufacturers, national chains and leading independent distributors in endorsing NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards.

Said Mike Romme, Vice President of Vendor Relations and Marketing for Stanion, “Stanion believes in midwestern values … you should get paid for the work you do … and for this reason we’re endorsing the NEMRA POS standards. Reps who call on our branches should be compensated for their efforts on behalf of our branches. The NEMRA standards are distributor friendly as they only ask for zip code level information, which we’re willing to share with our partners so they can appropriately allocate sales.  The NEMRA process is straightforward and will help us streamline our POS reporting process by having one format for most of our manufacturers.”

Jim Johnson, President of NEMRA, commented “On behalf of our members, we thank Stanion for their support and advocacy of the representatives and their endorsement of the NEMRA POS standards. Their commitment to supporting their manufacturer representatives is greatly appreciated.”

For more information on NEMRA’s POS initiative, to read the research and see which manufacturers and distributors have endorsed and adopted the standards go to

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