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tED Magazine To Launch New “Your Story” Features

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

When I started at tED magazine nearly two and a half years ago, I met hundreds of people who had great stories to tell about how this industry works.

Then when we launched tEDTV in the summer of 2014, I thought it would be a great way for the entire supply chain to share new products, how those products are used and company profiles. It would be one more way to keep the supply chain communicating.

And I believe now is a great time to bring those two ideas together. But I need your help. So, you have to answer one question: “What’s your story?”

Starting now, we are going to launch an ambitious project to find out as many stories about our distributors as we can possibly tell. We will hire a crew to videotape, write, edit and post the story on our tEDTV account for you to check out for yourself.

Here’s the important part: “Your Story” has to be about people. While there are a number of member companies that have been in business for a number of years, we want to tell the stories of the people who make it work every day. Maybe it is about an employee who has been with the distributorship for decades and never misses a day of work. Maybe it is about a group of employees who got together to do community service work in your town. Maybe it is about an employee who started a committee that helped you decrease delivery times.

We know who you are. But we don’t know “Your Story”. Tell it to us so you can share it with others. There are far too many great stories for us to find them all. So you need to let us know about them.

All you have to do is send tED magazine “Your Story” at yourstory@naed.org

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