The Good Stuff, Vol. 22

The Good Stuff, Vol. 22

tED magazine recently introduced a column that was created to bring you some positive news in today’s world. It’s called “The Good Stuff”, and today we’re highlighting more of the positive news we’ve received from our members. If you have some “Good Stuff” that you would like to share with tED magazine, find out how below.

In this issue, we look at an Outside Sales Representative at City Electric Supply.

DALLAS, Texas — The City Electric Supply (CES) Myrtle Beach branch is used to going above and beyond for customers. Outside Sales Representative Richard “Boo” Smith knows all about it.

When three customers from J&M Electric came to him, wanting to be certified polyvinyl chloride installers, Smith immediately called on vendors Bruce and Josh Watson of Watson sales. Less than two weeks after that call, Bruce and Josh drove three hours down to North Charleston to make that certification happen.

“Watson Sales did a training session a couple of years ago, and it was also great. I can’t praise Watson Sales enough,” said Outside Sales Representative Richard “Boo” Smith. “CES is all about great service, and a key part of that is partnerships with vendors that value the same thing.”

“It’s what I like to do,” said Bruce Watson, Owner of Watson Sales Company. “I don’t mind driving, and I enjoy helping customers. This is a relationship-driven business, but the price is not the number one thing. It’s about relying on the individuals that you work with.”

In his 13 years with CES, Boo Smith has always gone above and beyond for his customers. He does everything from dropping off supplies on his way home from work to quickly filling orders out for people in a crunch. Smith even attends training sessions himself so he can be the best resource possible for customers. This session in North Charleston was no different.

Driving three hours from Charlotte, NC to North Charleston, SC, Bruce and Josh did a hands-on training session on how to install a PVC coated conduit. Smith attended as well.

The guys of J&M Electric needed this training for their upcoming jobs. By getting this certification done while not having to leave their current job site helped everyone out.

“I have to stay here on the job site to make sure everything goes smoothly,” said Jacob Mills of J&M Electric. “So having Bruce come here was extremely helpful. I didn’t have to leave the site and miss hours or a day of work.”

“We do a lot of work with CES. Boo Smith is our main sales guy. We get everything we need from him. And Bruce, he knows exactly what he’s talking about,” said Mills.

Having vendors like Watson Sales, who help go the extra mile to get the job done, and then having people like Boo Smith, who genuinely care about getting the job done at convenience to customers, is why CES takes pride in its employees and vendors.

“It is truly refreshing to be partnered with such a dedicated vendor,” said Smith. “And the training was great. Some vendors make it more of a sales pitch than a training session, but Bruce made sure their time wasn’t wasted and that they learned what they needed to know.”

In a day and age where anyone can order products to their doors, it’s important to go the extra mile and make sure people get the training they need. You cannot replace personal relationships built with customers, and CES is proud to build and maintain those relationships.

Getting a training done on such short notice is really beneficial for customers like J&M Electric. Bruce Watson knew the guys had already trained before, so he didn’t sit there and bore them or try to sell them the next big thing. Instead, he gave them hands-on experience, told them about new brands selling the materials, and kept things up to date.

“I don’t know of any other distributor that would set up a training session this quickly and attend it three hours away,” said Smith. “But that’s the norm at CES, and people know that. There’s nothing too big or too small for us. Especially with great vendors like Watson Sales.”

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