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VIDEO: Farrah Mittel Accepts 2024 NAED Trailblazer Award

Farrah Mittel, President at Schaedler Yesco Distribution, received the 2024 NAED Trailblazer Award at the NAED National Meeting on May 22.

Mittel has been a board member at NAED since 2020 and currently sits on the association’s Finance Board. She is walking emblem of the industry’s efforts to diversify its ranks—by recruiting not just more women into the industry, but also people with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets. “We’ve reviewed our recruiting and hiring processes to remove biases. We recruit different demographics and look outside the company and industry—which wasn’t the natural approach just 10 years ago,” Mittel said. “Distributors of all stripes and sizes face a rapidly changing business environment. With a more diverse employee base and especially more diverse leadership, companies are better prepared to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities.”

During her acceptance speech at the NAED National Meeting’s Chair Awards Banquet, Mittel said, “I was born inquisitive. I seek to understand, push boundaries, and challenge the status quo. As a leader, I believe that’s my job. But I don’t believe it’s my job alone. I encourage the incredible team of dreamers, thinkers, and doers at Schaedler Yesco to join me and the rest of the executive team in working toward our goals. Diversity – of all kinds – is critical to our growth and success.

“I’ve had the benefit of some wonderful mentors and coaches along my career path,” Mittel added. “So, being selected for this award is not just a recognition of my individual journey but a testament to the collective spirit of those who have worked alongside me throughout my career. This award is as much yours as it is mine.”

Mittel will also be honored at the NAED Women In Industry Forum on June 3rd.  She joins Kathleen Ellison, Phyllis Godwin, Liz O’Grady, Karen Clouse, Nancy Goedecke, Tammy Miller, Tammy Livers, Kathy Mazzarella, Sandy Rosecrans, Desiree Grace, Kathy Jo Van, Molly Murphy, Jayne Millard, Joyce Blassingame, Cora Williams, and last year’s winner Lura McBride as NAED Trailblazer Award winners.

This is a big year for Schaedler Yesco Distribution as it also celebrates its 100th year in business.



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    Kim Downs May 29, 2024 / 12:42 pm

    I’m so proud to work with Farrah! A true leader.

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