“We Supply America” Tour Visits Fromm

“We Supply America” Tour Visits Fromm

READING, Pa. — Dirk Beveridge, a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and thought leader in the distribution industry, has embarked on a three-month cross-country tour in an RV to promote the value of independently-owned distributors and their employees to the U.S. economy.

Fromm, one of the largest family-owned electrical supply companies in the Mid-Atlantic market, will host a “We Supply America” campaign stop on Thursday, July 8 in Reading.

The “We Supply America” campaign is highlighting the stories of companies across the U.S. whose front-line employees keep the market supplied with essential items like food, building materials, and medical equipment. Beveridge is producing a docuseries during his tour that will stream on his website,

“I truly believe that there is a noble calling to distribution. The 30,000 plus distributors across this country do so much more than store and deliver products. They create six million jobs, provide local community support and so much more,” Beveridge says. “It is important to tell the stories of those businesses that kept America supplied during the pandemic.”

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