Winsupply Opens Five New Locations

Winsupply Opens Five New Locations

DAYTON, Ohio — Winsupply Inc. has opened five new locations, four in Texas that serve HVAC contractors, and one in Denver that focuses on fire protection systems.

The new companies include: 
•    Winsupply of Austin HVAC, president, Denise Corbin
•    Winsupply of Dallas HVAC, president, Troy Drinkard
•    Winsupply of Houston HVAC, president, Jason Greagrey
•    Winsupply of San Antonio HVAC, president, Carlton Hooper
•    Winsupply of Denver Fire Protection, president, Fred Apodaca

The four presidents of the Texas companies recently joined Winsupply with many years of collective experience, product knowledge and distribution in the HVAC industry. At Winsupply of Denver, Fred Apodaca has many years of experience in fire protection and plumbing at other Winsupply locations in Colorado.

“We’re very fortunate to have the caliber of expertise and industry knowledge in the five individuals who are opening these locations,” said Monte Salsman, chief operating officer of Winsupply Inc. “Texas is a highly attractive market and the addition of these companies represent a greatly increased presence for Winsupply in HVAC. Similarly, the Colorado market is a target for us with the recent code changes requiring all single-family residential structures to have fire sprinkler systems installed. There are significant growth opportunities in both states.

“We’re starting 2016 with a lot of momentum with these new locations, a reflection of our commitment to growing the business and building customer relationships.”  

In the Winsupply co-ownership business model, Winsupply Inc. has majority equity in each of its locations, while the local company presidents and sometimes employees own substantial equity. With this model, local companies have the autonomy and flexibility to decide how best to meet the needs of the customers in their markets. Co-ownership gives them “skin in the game,” pride of ownership, a sense of achievement and the ability to share in the company’s performance financially. Winsupply provides the local company locations purchasing power, distribution and other support services such as business consulting, accounting, payroll, IT and marketing. The centralized support allows local operators to focus on their customers, local markets and products.

There are now more than 580 Winsupply locations across the United States serving the residential and commercial construction and industrial markets with supplies and materials.


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