NAED Releases First Quarter 2021 ‘Economic and Industry Sector Outlook’

ST. LOUIS—The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) proudly announces that it has just released the First Quarter 2021 edition of its new Economic and Industry Sector Outlook, a comprehensive quarterly report that contains a wealth of key economic indicators, segment trends, market opportunities, analysis, and forecasts designed to keep users on the pulse of the $100+ billion electrical distribution industry — all in one convenient place and user-friendly format.

Key highlights of the First Quarter 2021 report, released on January 27th, include a potential return to pre-pandemic GDP levels in the U.S. by third quarter 2021, ongoing growth projected in the data processing center segment, strong demand in the residential construction sector, and forecasted growth in the metro New York and Houston MSAs – among many other valuable trends.

Officially launched in October 2020, the First Quarter 2021 edition of the Economic and Industry Sector Outlook contains such valuable content as:

  • An Economic Outlook, which provides a view of the whole economy using such key economic indicators as copper prices, unemployment, GDP, and more
  • An Industry Sector Report, which analyzes revenue trends, potential capital spend, and other key indicators to identify market growth opportunities within 11 distribution-focused segments, including data centers, education, healthcare facilities, oil and gas, pharmaceutical manufacturing, supermarkets, airlines, automobile and light duty manufacturing, multi and single-family housing, sewage treatment, and electrical wholesaling
  • A Construction Index, which combines current trends and future modeling using population data to forecast which markets are poised for growth, stability, or decline across 102 different Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) where distributors do business
  • And new as of the First Quarter 2021 report, the Economic and Industry Sector Outlook now features a convenient Executive Summary highlighting the quarterly report’s most salient points as well as new regional breakouts within the Construction Index.

According to report author and seasoned NAED Research and Data Analyst Erin Prinster, “the Economic and Industry Sector Outlook incorporates the industry’s most reputable data sources and offers an invaluable synopsis of the forces shaping the industry on all of the fronts that matter most to electrical distributors.”

“I haven’t found a better, more succinct tool than the NAED’s new Economic and Industry Sector

Outlook,” shared subscriber Wes Smith, President of Birmingham, AL-based Mayer.  Added fellow subscriber Dan Dungan, Executive Chairman of Springfield Electric in Springfield, IL, “we see it as a cost-saving offering that helps us consolidate the several services we use.”

NAED members shouldn’t miss the opportunity to invest in this powerful and highly affordable addition to their marketing, strategic planning, and research arsenal today.

The NAED’s quarterly new Economic and Industry Sector Outlook is priced at $850 for a yearly subscription.  For questions or to subscribe, contact the NAED Member Engagement Team at (888) 791-2512 or visit memberengagement@naed.org or www.naed.org/outlook.


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