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Recap: NAED’s Office Hours Moves Us Forward

Hundreds of people who belong to NAED-member companies have attended at least one session of the association’s Future’s Group’s Office Hours, which are online and in-person conversations on key topics that impact our supply chain.

Our customers, whether you are a distributor or manufacturer, are dealing with countless outside influences that force difficult decisions. We can make those situations easier if we remain people-centric in our efforts.

The Office Hours events allow people to share best practices, and even shift mindsets on major topics. You can learn more about the Futures Group and Office Hours by going to www.naed.org/futures

NAED’s Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs and Strategic Projects Ed Orlet, Mark Dancer from the Network for Business Innovation, NAED’s Senior Member Engagement Manager Jennifer McKinney, and NAED’s Member Recuitment and Governance Manager Gail Reynoso discuss how all of the events have changed perspectives, inspired everyone to think differently, and opened eyes to innovative strategies.


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