Schneider Electric and Panasonic Partner to Simplify Energy Management

Schneider Electric and Panasonic Partner to Simplify Energy Management

RUEIL-MALMAISON, France — Schneider Electric along with Panasonic Corporation announced an integrated HVAC equipment and building management solution that brings new levels of HVAC control and energy efficiency to today’s commercial buildings.

Both companies have developed a new interface wireless solution which enables direct serial communication between Schneider Electric’s building management system and room controllers with Panasonic’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF)-based HVAC systems.

“Creating interoperability between major energy consuming systems such as HVAC equipment with building control systems allows facility managers to simplify their operations, better optimize the efficiency of their buildings and reduce energy costs,” said Laurent Bataille, Executive Vice President, EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric. “By partnering with Panasonic, we’re able to provide complete building management from the device level to the cloud, regardless of building type, size or age. This strong digital backbone provides enhanced visibility of the building environment and is a key component in enabling buildings of the future. Schneider Electric Innovation at Every Level harnesses the power and promise of the Internet of Things to reshape cities, transform industries and enrich lives through connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.”

VRF-based HVAC systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial building settings because of their ability to operate at variable speeds by inverter technology instead of the traditional on/off operation, which drives significant energy savings.

“We have invested heavily in our commercial and residential air conditioning products and support services to fully address our customers’ needs and are excited to deliver additional benefits in building energy management through our partnership with Schneider Electric,” said Toshiyuki Takagi, Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation and President of Panasonic Air-Conditioner. “By combining the power of building management with cutting-edge VRF technology, we are able to help our customers further reduce capital and operating expenditures and reach new levels of sustainability.”

Left to right: Hiroshi Komatsubara, General manager of Commercial AC Company; Laurent Abadie, CEO Panasonic Europe; Toshiyuki Takagi, Exective Officer of Panasonic Corporation and  President or Panasonic Air-Conditioniner Company (ACC); Jean Marc Zola, Commercial SVP EcoBuilding Division, Schneider Electric, Jean De Kergorlay, VP Building Management Offers & Services EcoBuilding, Schneider Electric; Simon Leblond, Smart Space Commercial VP EcoBuilding, Schneider Electric.


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