The Good Stuff, Vol. 13

The Good Stuff, Vol. 13

tED magazine recently introduced a column that was created to bring you some positive news in today’s world. It’s called “The Good Stuff”, and today we’re highlighting more of the positive news we’ve received from our members.

In this issue, we’re sharing a story from City Electric Supply:

DALLAS, Texas — The new school year is just around the corner and purchasing school supplies can be a financial burden on some families. For school-aged children going through a difficult time in their lives, receiving a new backpack and school supplies could be exactly what they need to put a smile on their faces. Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) recently hosted a back-to-school drive-thru event to help distribute stuffed backpacks to children who’ve suffered abuse. The City Electric Supply (CES) social impact division, CES Cares, is proud to be partnered with the nonprofit and to have helped provide the stuffed backpacks to some of those who need it the most in Dallas County.

“City Electric Supply has worked with DCAC on several projects but have partnered to the full extent on our Back to School program,” said Leila Bergquist, a development officer at DCAC. “From covering the expense of supplies to volunteering to stuff and distribute the backpack, without CES, we could not do this on our own. We are so grateful for this close partnership.”

“DCAC is such a valued partner. DCAC is definitely a perfect choice for CES Cares,” said CES Cares Social Impact Manager Karen Gray. “Kids don’t have control over their lives a lot of the time, so helping them is really important.”

The partnership kicked off in 2016, and since then, CES has committed to providing DCAC with 1,500 stuffed backpacks a year to distribute at the back-to-school event and the remainder of the summer break. As the social impact division at City Electric Supply, CES Cares serves as the umbrella for all the philanthropic, charitable, and volunteer efforts in which CES and its employees participate. Each year, DCAC provides CES Cares with a list of supplies the children will need for the upcoming school year. The company purchases the requested items, along with the backpacks, and hands them directly to DCAC.

With everyone’s assistance, DCAC was able to distribute more than 600 backpacks at the drive-thru event.

“The impressive number really speaks to the volume of clients we are serving, and unfortunately that number is growing,” said Bergquist. “School supplies and a backpack equip a child for school and save the family money and time. For families working through a crisis like criminal child abuse, this added support from the community prevents an overload of stress.”

What made this day extra special? It’s the first backpack drive that volunteers were able to be a part of since the pandemic hit. Those who participated have walked away with stories they will forever remember.

“We picked out a shiny backpack for a girl in kindergarten, and her eyes lit up,” added Gray. “It was so amazing seeing her so excited. It seems like a small thing for people to stuff backpacks and hand them out, but it really has an effect on these kids’ lives.”

And it means just as much to the children. According to the nonprofit, hosting the back-to-school event helps give parents stability and something to look forward to. For many, the backpacks are a critical need.

“DCAC wants to fill that need and provide everything clients need to be successful,” said Bergquist. “We want to eliminate anything that may hinder them from focusing on their healing from these horrific crimes. With positive support, there is resilience!”

If there’s one thing DCAC would like to request of the Dallas community, it’s to join the cause in any way that they can. While hearing the stories of children who’ve been abused is difficult, the impact one is able to make on their lives by simply being there is a great feeling. Bergquist wants individuals to know that DCAC is not a sad place.

“DCAC is a special place to work. I love coming in to work every day,” said Bergquist. “The work we do helps children overcome the trauma of abuse and reach their full potential. I love seeing kids smile and knowing that we’re making a difference.”

“I encourage everyone to look into what DCAC does,” added Gray. “Their accomplishments will amaze and astound you. And I encourage everyone to look for other places in their community doing amazing work. When you volunteer, you get so much more out of it than you give.”

The Dallas Advocacy Center (DCAC) is dedicated to improving the lives of children who’ve endured severe abuse in the Dallas county and provides national leadership on child abuse issues. The annual Back to School Drive serves 1,500 kids with backpacks, school supplies, and two school uniforms. School-aged children receive the services, and their siblings receive the items. When new child abuse cases come in during the year, if there is a need for backpacks or school supplies, then DCAC ensures that those kids get what they need, too.

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