The Good Stuff, Vol. 6

The Good Stuff, Vol. 6

tED magazine recently introduced a new column that was created to bring you some positive news in today’s negative world. It’s called “The Good Stuff”, and today we’re highlighting more of the positive news we’ve received from our readers.

In this issue, we’re sharing how Schaedler Yesco Distribution in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is giving back to its community:

Schaedler Yesco’s central distribution center expansion project continues to progress as scheduled. Once complete, the facility will measure nearly 200,000 square feet and include 3000 new pallet storage locations, eight new dock doors, 6000 square feet for additional receiving.

While this expansion project will benefit the company and its customers, it’s also helping the community. On May 6, 2021 JEM Group, Schaedler Yesco’s construction partner, invited Construction Engineering students from Penn State Harrisburg to the site.

“We appreciate that Schaedler Yesco would allow us to highlight their project for this semester’s site visit,” Adam Smith, Senior Project Manager at JEM Group, stated. “Our mission is We Build to Improve Lives, and we’re helping these students understand that construction is more than just building things. It’s about improving the world around us for others. Being able to have the students see the impact Schaedler Yesco has on the community with the amount of staff they employ helps to highlight this mission.”

Members of the Schaedler Yesco team assisted in explaining the importance of the project during the two-hour session.

“One of the challenges is to keep students interested, especially during COVID when they are doing remote learning,” Dr. Joe Seidel, Professor at Penn State Harrisburg, commented. “It was good for the students to see live construction to keep up the excitement for their future careers.”

As future construction leaders, providing this opportunity to tour a site was invaluable for the students.

“This was my first time on a commercial site,” Justin Means, a senior at Penn State Harrisburg commented, “I know we are still in the beginning stages here, but it’s cool to see how they are laying the rebar and laying the concrete. It was a fun experience, and I enjoyed it.”

Schaedler Yesco emphasizes the importance of working hard and giving back and is proud to provide educational opportunities to both employees and the local community.


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